Weekend Challenge

Here is your second edition of 20 Somethings: Weekend Challenge.

I wonder how many people stock a ton of wheat or flour and still don’t know how to bake bread. This goes for all aspects of prepping. It is crazy to stock tons of ammo if you never go and practice or tons of seeds if you have never planted before. If you have never done something before and you are planning on learning when SHTF, you might want to rethink your idea. I would much rather screw up a few loaves of bread or kill everything in my garden now and learn from it now instead of being reliant on that stuff and messing up then.

So here is your challenge: Bake some bread, regular loaf style or artisan, without a bread maker. Bonus points if you can bake the loaf of bread in a solar oven. If you have never done this before have no fear, we were all like that once in our life. A quick Google search pulled up some easy to follow recipes.



Easy Beginners Bread

No Knead Bread

10 Easy Recipes


-20 Something


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